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Bluetooth Audio
Over the years my MG has proven it loves to eat head units. Some have lasted a year or 2 and the final one lasted only 2 months before failing. After the last one bit the dust I had a thought why not just use my phone as the stereo. For the most part it was my media player of choice since it has my entire music library on it, it can stream music from the internet and works as well as the best navigation systems. As it turns out itís a fairly simple to do so and works fantastic and is completely hidden.
Currently Iím using 5 1/4Ē component speakers with the woofers mounted in the foot wells and the tweeters mounted in the door panel under the wing windows. Sound quality is suprisingly good even at higher speeds.
What you need
Amplifier. Your brand of choice. I had a 4 channel alpine amp already installed
Install the amp of your choice. Once your amp is installed install the equalizer. I found that without the equalizer my phone produced to much bass and needed bass blockers installed inline with the speakers along with the bass reduction setting on the phone. This worked ok for around town but did not produce the best sound and did not produce enough volume to hear at freeway speeds. The external equalizer solved all these problems and allows you to properly tune the sound to your car and boosts the volume to 11.
If you want the system completely hidden you can mount the bluetooth receiver in the trunk or behind the consul. I used a marine grade cig. lighter wired to switch power to power the receiver and the the 3.5mm to rca to finish the connection to the amp. Be sure to place the cig. lighter in a place thatís easy to get to as you will need to push a button on the receiver to pair to your phone.